Many people are thinking of how to increase property value, comfort or just an aesthetic look of their houses/ owned property, however the process might looks a bit too complicated and sounds like a lot of risks due to many unknown stages.

Some people are looking to invest into new land and development or into rental property. It is not easy to evaluate all different options available and estimate all the solutions and to minimize risk and maximize return.

For example, your building belongs to an older construction and due to material degradation or possible omissions with initial construction there could be problems with structure and lack of comfort in the building. The question is:

What would be the most beneficial solution for me as an owner in this case?

Should I leave my property as it is or maybe improve structural integrity and increase property value?

Should I sell it or keep it?

Should I renovate and sell it at a much better value?

How can I afford to do any of these options? What are the financial options I can take?

What would be the best way to improve my property value within allocated investment?

I am sure many of these questions passed through owner’s mind at some point of time. However due to many unknown stages involved in this process and time required to research and organize everything, most of us will leave the idea completely or stop at the first possible objection. And it is absolutely normal for owner to avoid unknown risks. If you are not in development business it is in fact could be a very challenging process for a decision.

We would like to offer our assistance to home owners who are interested or thinking about increasing their property value. We have developed a program for you to help identify your goals and needs.

If you would like to ask questions or set an individual introductory appointment, please feel free to email us:

Program Overview

With this program we will try to unlock your property potential for value increase and will continuously assist you through out the project:

You can choose and decide that you might need all of the points outlined below or just one or two points to start. It is your choice and our goal is to take care of it. 

1.Together we will help you identify your main goals in increasing your property value and ways to achieve it.

2. Feasibility Study. Based on your goals and property specific characteristics few different options can be identified according to cost/value, to maximize return on your investment.

3. Once the best solution has been identified, project plan, staging, cost estimate and scheduling needs to be established.

4. Design, drawings and selection of materials of chosen option

5. Building Permit and other approvals if necessary.

6.We can assist in planning and obtaining, if required financial part of the project. Optionally we can guide you through ways to obtain construction loan. It might be all much more possible than you think!

7. Once the financial part is in place, construction and inspection will follow

8. Selecting contractors, sign agreements with contractors and warranties

9. Taking care of construction process, inspection and contract management

10. Enjoy peace of mind and love your new place.

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